get your run on

In two days I run my first 5k!

For a long time I have always been envious of runners. I’d see them out and about and all I could see was that they were able to just… run. I’d often heard people talk about how rewarding running was in so many ways. I longed to be a part of that group. I’ve never been athletic and because of my great love of food and cooking, I’ve also never been that fit.

I could no longer claim that all my extra weight was just baby weight because it had been a good three years since my son was born. One day while reading a frequently visited blog – I realized that this woman who was at the time 20 some odd weeks pregnant with twins was weighing the same weight I was at the current time. In short, I was mortified. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten to that point.

I knew that I needed to get really serious about changing things.

Countless times before I’ve started and quit many different things to try to lose weight but I was never very successful about it. I would do real well for a while in one aspect or another for maybe a month and then nothing would change so I would just give up. I even started to think that nothing was going to change the way I looked and felt no matter what I did.

After becoming so frustrated once again, I started the couch25k program.

It’s been a hard but rewarding road. The length and speed of my runs is still behind many other well seasoned runners but those things will come in time. For the moment however, I’m proud of myself for just doing it and continuing to do it.


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